Take amazing pictures with your iPhone

Stay Focused uses a technique called Focus Stacking or Depth-of-Field Merging to allow you to create amazing images

Professional photography on your iPhone

• Awesome for macro photography where depth of field can become very limited
• Fully automated. Just compose and shoot. Heavy lifting is done on our servers
• Saves your device's battery life
• Photos can be taken offline and be processed when network access is available
• Works with any lens attachment
• Provides the photographer with precise control of the depth of field in any composition
• Live preview of focus.
• Focus stacks may be exported for processing on your computer.
• Achieves results that are not possible without focus stacking.
• Supports automatic exposure or manual exposure controls.
• Supports review of focus stacks.
• Supports presets to save favorite settings.
• Allows the photographer to choose how many photos to take in a stack.

What is focus stacking?

Focus stacking is a technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field than any of the individual source images.

Focus stacking offers flexibility: as focus stacking is a computational technique, images with several different depths of field can be generated in post-processing and compared for best artistic merit or scientific clarity.

Text from Wikipedia, image by Muhammad Mahdi Karim (Licensed CC BY-SA 3.0)

Take professional grade pictures with your iPhone

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Network access is needed to process images     •     Processing can take several minutes     •     Tripod is recommended

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