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Anatomy of a Process

What makes us different is what you won’t see in the steps below. Our care and attention to detail. How we go the extra mile to get you the best product possible.

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We believe the success of a project is defined early on. We listen and analyze your idea to help better define and hone it. This will become the vision statement, which guides the whole project.


Design is more than a set of graphic elements. It’s the process of solving a problem. This requires planning, research and strategizing. We then create wire frames and visual mock-ups.


We then take the final mock-ups and turn them into partially functional prototypes that allow us to gain feedback as we progress through the coding process.


Once all functionality is implemented, we move into testing. We test, retest and test again to make sure everything functions and is up to our high standards.


As soon as everything is perfect, we can deploy the app! Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the champagne.